Clint Mansell - Happy New Year, Colin Burstead [Ltd Edition Vinyl]


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Clint Mansell - Happy New Year, Colin Burstead [Ltd Edition Vinyl]

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Acclaimed contemporary film composer Clint Mansell returns to score Ben Wheatley’s brand new film ‘Happy New Year, Colin Burstead’

This is the Invada Records limited edition mail order exclusive variant, pressed on 'Smoke Grey' vinyl, which is not available anywhere else! This is limited to 250 copies only!

The vinyl is housed in a deluxe spined sleeve, complete with double sided printed inner bag and digital download card included.

Mansell’s score is a hypnotic and ethereal wash, built around organic instruments including insistent strings with a Celtic flavour and a brilliant use of woodwinds. The score slowly descends into something twisted and dissonant at points, beautifully laying a nod to Wheatley’s interest in folk horror. Toward the end, the score features ‘[exeunt]’, a beautiful piano piece reminiscent of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence’.

Clint Mansell is known for his work on Black Mirror: San Junipero, Moon, Pi, Requiem For a Dream, High Rise and many more.

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead will make its debut at the London Film Festival before publicly premiering on BBC2 this December.




[enter, with drum & colours]

[alarum, as in battle]

[assaulted by the enemy]

[flourish, with spoils]

[a retreat is sounded]

[sandy’s song] – Sam Riley


[music still, with shouts]

[he holds her by the hand, silent]

[a dead march sounded]


[re-enter, with rabble]

This is released in conjunction with our friends in Lakeshore Records

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