Battlefield OST by Hildur Guðnadóttir & Sam Slater [VINYL]


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Battlefield 2042 pressed on 2 x 'Hazard Zone' (Green w/ Blue Markings) Vinyl, exclusive variant outside The Americas.

Includes gatefold sleeve plus printed inner sleeves.

"Guðnadóttir has established her signature sound: a moving fusion of ambient drone and contemporary classical that places an emphasis on her exceptionally controlled tone; she’s capable of conjuring entire worlds out of just a few carefully chosen notes.”

"We are thrilled to be writing our first video game score for Battlefield 2042, and teaming with Electronic Arts,” … "It was such a deeply creative experience to dive into this world and create a truly unique and disruptive musical environment for the game.” Gudnadóttir and Slater

Side A
A 1. Orbital 3:36
A 2. The Observation of Beautiful Forms 3:44
A 3. Irreversible 4:25

Side B
B 1. Between the Bows 3:04
B 2. Wall Jazz 1:57
B 3. Load Bearing 3:07
B 4. When does a country stop being a country? 3:32

Side C
C 1. 5 Degrees of Warming 1:51
C 2. Olivine 3:42
C 3. Hauled Over the Coals 1:52
C 4. The Long Haul 1:26
C 5. Hourglass (Inverted) 3:33

Side D
D 1. Wet Bulb 1:51
D 2. Shipping Forecast 2:25
D 3. Deploy 0:25
D 4. Tipping Points 5:54
D 5. Battlefield 2042 2:31

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