Oliver Coates - Significant Other OST [Blue Vinyl]


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Oliver Coates' dense and unsettling score to "Significant Other" is now available on vinyl.

The score comes pressed on translucent blue vinyl, housed in a spined sleeve with download card and double-sided printed insert.

Significant Other follows the sinister events plague a young couple when they take a backpacking trip through the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Oliver Coates is a cellist, composer and music producer known for his work with Radiohead, Mica Levi and more.


  1. Forest Replicant
  2. Deer Jumpscare
  3. Theme's in Ruth's Mind
  4. First Montage
  5. Isn't That Enough
  6. The Cave & Second Montage
  7. Proposal at the Cliff Face
  8. Harry's Return
  9. Goodbye Ruth (Do I Love You?)
  10. Beach
  11. Shark
  12. Endcave
  13. Ruth Smash
  14. Dread Credits

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