Clint Mansell - Out Of Blue OST [Blue/Black Marble Vinyl]


  • Clint Mansell - Out Of Blue OST [Blue/Black Marble Vinyl]
  • Clint Mansell - Out Of Blue OST [Blue/Black Marble Vinyl]

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Requiem For A Dream and Black Mirror composer Clint Mansell scores British film director Carol Morley’s neo-noir thriller, “Out Of Blue”.

In "Out of Blue", Mansell's dark and hypnotic score enhances the moody and menacing moments in the neo-noir murder mystery based on the novel "Night Train" by Martin Amis.

This is the retail variant, pressed on blue and black marble vinyl.

The record comes housed in a deluxe spined sleeve, with a double sided printed inner bag which features credits and liner notes by Carol Morley. Digital download card included.

This artwork has been beautifully designed by Marc Bessant.

Says Morley in the soundtrack's liner notes: "So, here we have it, this soaring, heart shifting, mind bending soundtrack for Out of Blue. It takes you about and around and inside yourself. It propels, it develops, it leads us places. It is true to the film, but doesn't illustrate what we see. It has its own energy, its own beautiful hidden depths, and it creates its own star spangled mystery.”

For fans of PI, Black Mirror, Requiem For A Dream, Stranger Things, Drive.

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