Beak> - Life Goes On EP [VINYL]


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Beak> - Life Goes On EP [VINYL]

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The four-track EP features "Life Goes On" which was inspired directly from a trip to Mexico City when the band awoke to the sound of a distorted young girls' voice bellowing across the city. Further investigation revealed the source as a recording used by scrap-collecting carts urging people to bring out old beds and washing machines. Returning to the UK filled with inspiration from the trip, Billy, Geoff and Will hot-footed it to the Invada studios to record the EP.

The band said their new track ‘We Can Go’ is “the most normal song we have ever written. We like it.”

The EP features a new version of ‘Allé Sauvage’ from Beak>’s previous album ‘>>>’ by accordion player Mario Batkovic.


Track List

Side A

1. Life Goes On

2. We Can Go

Side B

1. Minus Pillow

2. Allé Sauvage (Mario Batkovic Version)


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