Adrian Utley & Will Gregory - Arcadia (CD)


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Adrian Utley & Will Gregory - Arcadia

Adrian Utley (Portishead) & Will Gregory (Goldfrapp)’s score to ‘Arcadia’, a film from BAFTA winning director Paul Wright and released by The BFI.

This CD is presented as a digipack, featuring beautiful artwork by Stanley Donwood.

Arcadia, from BAFTA award-winning Scottish director Paul Wright, is a film focused around looking into our complex connection to the land we live in. Combing through 100 film clips from the last 100 years, lifted from the BFI National Archive and regional archives around the UK, the film explores the changing seasons and the ways in which they affect our relationship with the landscapes we find ourselves in.

Two tracks ‘Lowlands’ and ‘Bonny Boy’ from the score are by the legendary Folk singer Anne Briggs, with musical arrangement by Utley & Gregory behind

The score takes influence from a wide range of genres, marrying classical and folk styles with more experimental electronic elements and even punk.


Lowlands (Anne Briggs)
Into The Wild
Cautious Optimism
Russell and Victor
Blood In The Soil
No Countryside
Lost Sequence
Bonny Boy (Anne Briggs)

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