The Fauns - How Lost [VINYL - DAMAGED SLEEVES]


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The Fauns - How Lost [VINYL - DAMAGED SLEEVES]

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12 copies found with damaged sleeves - damage includes seam splits, creases and dents to corners but obviously each one is slightly different!

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The Fauns - How Lost

Pressed on translucent red vinyl. 

After a decade-long hiatus, Bristol-based shoegaze ensemble, The Fauns, have reemerged from their secret bunker with eagerly anticipated third album, 'How Lost'.

The Fauns’ journey began in 2007, self-releasing their eponymous debut album in 2009, followed by the 2013 release of "Lights." These two works garnered warm acclaim from both critics and fervent shoegaze-loving fanbase alike - arriving into an atmosphere rekindled by the return of My Bloody Valentine.

This latest album bridges The Fauns' transformation from their earlier incarnation to their current evolution. The tracks traverse a spectrum of styles, ranging from intricate, guitar-driven sci-fi fantasies to industrial-tinged new wave compositions. The hallmark shoegaze elements are now stretched over gritty pulsating electro beats. 

Moreover, the album marks a shift in lyrical themes and attitude. Poignant tracks coexist with narratives of vodka-infused nights in dimly lit clubs, reflecting a departure from introspection. "This album is less about the melancholy associated with the genre and more about getting our audience dancing.”

Track-Listing :

  1. Mixtape Days
  2. Shake Your Hair
  3. How Lost
  4. Afterburner
  5. Doot Doot
  6. Clear
  7. Modified
  8. Dark Discotheque
  9. Spacewreck

Release date : January 19th 2024.

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