Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Butterfly OST [Ltd Butterfly Effect LP]


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Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Butterfly OST [Ltd Butterfly Effect LP]

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GRAMMY Nominated Stranger Things composers and SURVIVE members Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein return to score three part British drama ‘Butterfly’, the story of 11-year-old Max who identifies as a girl, and wants to live her life as Maxine. Her estranged parents Vicky and Stephen attempt to work out how best to cope with and support this huge life decision.

The music to Butterfly sustains Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein’s proclivity for locating humanism in their electronics. The signals they send have some sort of uncanny correlation with core feelings. More uncanny is their tonal grasp of what it is to be young and curious.

“We had just come off our first project that had established us as these retrosynth/’80s producers, and we wanted to do something that helped get us out of that box,” Dixon and Stein said in a press release. “Obviously there are still synths being used, and coincidentally some of them are from the ’80s, but hopefully this score won’t be received as such.”

Housed in a heavyweight sleeve, the Invada webshop only exclusive vinyl version is pressed onto stunning Butterfly Effect vinyl and limited to 300 copies, with digital download card included.


1. Butterfly
2. Blue Eyes
3. Taking In Lodgers
4. Daughters
5. Comfort
6. Just Make Up Your Mind
7. I Don't Know How Happy I Am Anymore
8. Accusations
9. School Troubles
10. Introducing Maxine
11. Cut Wrists
12. Tickle Gods
13. Dress Up
14. Mermaid
15. Arrested
16. Family
17. Maxine's Groove
18. Making The Choice
19. Interrogation
20. Truths
21. What Was the Point of Me?
22. Dancing with the Girls
23. A Long Way to Go

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